Is it time for you to apply new wallpapers in your home? If yes, you need to be reminded that there are lots of things you need to prepare. It is not good to commit a mistake when installing wallpaper because you may need to restart all over again if that happens. Make sure to choose the best wallpaper for your needs and learn how to paste it first. You should know if there is already an adhesive at the back of the wallpaper or you still need to apply the adhesive. More information on curtain singapore on the site wall.sg.

Prepare the wall

Keep in mind that wallpapers are not made to cover holes on walls but to add beauty to your home. It is best to check your walls for holes or breaks and fix it first by plastering it before you stick the wallpaper. Make sure that the wall is dry before sticking the wallpaper to prevent the wallpaper from falling off easily. Make sure to sand your wall to make it smoother and to prevent the wall from ripping the paper.

Have the correct measurement

It is very important to have the right measurement for your paper to prevent hassle when installing it on your wall. Make sure to have allowances of about 2-3 inches on all sides of the paper and just cut of the extra once you are done installing it on your wall. Get the complete measurement of the wall and do the correct computation to achieve perfect result.

Hanging the wallpaper carefully

You need to start hanging the wallpaper from top to bottom. You need to push it carefully from the middle to the sides and up to the bottom part. It is necessary to use a slider because this will be your tool to remove any bubbles than may be formed during the sticking process. You may also use a damp sponge on all edges to make sure that it is installed properly.